Master Ohtsuka developed GUMITE to allow karateka to practice their techniques with zanshin and with full power without killing or seriously injuring others.

The techniques are practiced together and speed and power built up as the skills of the karateka increase

Your instructors will teach and correct your Ohyo’s and Kihon’s as you go up the grading system below are some videos to assist with you with the movements (assist being the operative word as the videos may not always be up to the standard accepted by DWK (Dumfries Wado-Kai) or the SWA (Shuzoku Wado-Kai Association)


Ohyo Gumite Ipponme                Ohyo Gumite Nihonme

Ohyo Gumite Sanbonme             Ohyo Gumite Yohonme

Ohyo Gumite Gohonme               Ohyo Gumite Ropponme

Ohyo Gumite Nanahonme          Ohyo Gumite Happonme


Kihon Ipponme         Kihon Nihonme      Kihon Sanbonme     Kihon Yohonme

Kihon Gohonme       Kihon Ropponme    Kihon Nanahonme  Kihon Happonme

Kihon Kyuhonme     

Kihon Jupponme