Dan Grading Course

The SWA are holding another course for those 3rd Kyu and above

looking to sit their Dan Grade in 2022. The course instruction will be

carried out by Colin Clapperton, Peter Rogers and Lisa Scott and will cover

Dan Grade Syllabus for 2022. We looking forward to seeing those invited.

The course will be held at Xcite, Broxburn Sports Centre on Sunday 21st Nov 2021.

2019 Competitions off to a great start!

A great success for our growing club! We took home a total of 11 medals from our two most recent competitions!

That’s two silver and four bronze medals from the competition at Kirkcudbright (24th March)!

And from the SKF Championships (31st March), we took home two gold and three bronze medals!!

Fantastic effort everyone! Many thanks for all involved, including those helping out with lifts, preparing sandwiches and washing our Gi’s!!

Training beings for our next competition!!